Reduce your energy bills with solar control window film

Solar control or heat-reduction window films will not only reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass on your premises but also cut your energy bills and reduce the entry of harmful UV rays by as much as 90%.

Office blocks and buildings with large window areas also use solar control to stop sun-glare from distracting workers and to get rid of glare on computer screens. The window film also ensures privacy for ground-level windows. In brief, it’s a much more effective solution than using window blinds.


  • Reduce amount of heat entering premises
  • Almost eliminate entry of harmful UV rays
  • Ensure privacy at ground level
  • Raise staff efficiency by avoiding distracting sun-glare
  • Reduce your heating and air-conditioning bills

What we do

  • Install solar window film, along with promotional graphics if required
  • Work with you to ensure the optimal solution for your needs and conditions


  • Use solar control with window graphics for extra privacy and promotion

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