Uniquely cost-effective way to promote your brand

Vehicle graphics can accumulate hundreds of thousands of impressions every month. You can imagine what that would cost with print or TV advertising. By using your vehicles as mobile advertising tools, you increase your brand awareness, reach your local market and gain people’s trust. From simple logos to full wraps, Premier Signs will take the time to truly understand your objectives and ensure that your ideas are brought to life. Our design team will ensure that the designs are of the highest quality, perfectly reflect your brand and are placed for optimal results.

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The 6 main reasons to brand your vehicles

  1. Grab attention: Eye-catching colours and great graphics will make your company vehicles stand out and attract attention.
  2. Advertise in a positive, effective way: People respond better to advertising that is not ‘in their face’. They will actually enjoy looking at your vehicle graphics and thus feel positive towards your company.
  3. Reach a wide audience: With your mobile advertising, you will reach a wider audience than with almost any other form of advertising. Many businesses attract more customers with vehicle wraps than through their websites.
  4. Promote your business cost-effectively: You pay much less for vehicle graphics than for other long-term advertising campaigns, and generate results for years. And, compared with advertising and billboards that entail recurring costs, you can change your vehicle wrap as you wish at a very low cost.
  5. Precision-target your local market: Vehicle advertising is finely targeted since those most likely to see it live or work in the areas you cover – and businesses generally prefer to deal with other local businesses.
  6. Protect your vehicles: Vinyl wraps will protect your vehicles against scratches and small dents, which will get you a better deal when you trade them in or sell them.


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