Noticeboards – get noticed in areas of high footfall

Noticeboards are perfect for areas of high footfall where you need to convey information that is regularly changed or updated. People instinctively notice these boards and are drawn to check them out.

Premier Signs teams will work with you to create a great-looking noticeboard that fits your needs or specifications.


  • Attention-grabbing in areas of high footfall
  • Easy to change or update content
  • Ideal for displaying a large amount of information

What we do

  • Noticeboard design, manufacture and installation
  • Refurbishing or upgrading of noticeboards – matching colours and fonts to the original specifications


  • Single- or double-sided, wall-mounted styles or free-standing units
  • Modern or traditional appearance
  • Range of sizes and materials
  • Trim custom-designed to match interior decor or brightly coloured to catch attention

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Professional, high standards, efficient

"We are extremely happy with Premier Signs’ work and professionalism from start to finish. They are a company that understood the high standards that we wanted to achieve and were most efficient in delivering, well within time limits."

Sinead Hayes - Marketing and Business Operations Manager - Xerox


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