Drywipe/whiteboards – ideal for quick, low-cost communication

A drywipe/whiteboard is a great, low-cost way to communicate with your customers, team members and employees. They’re perfect for leaving short messages in offices, restaurants, classrooms, etc. A grid can be printed on the board for use as a calendar.

They serve as a great prop during teaching or presentations, whether to highlight key points or as a background for projection. Using coloured markers, you can use them as a creative space for coming up with ideas. And, since they’re magnetic, documents and papers can be attached to them.

They’re also perfect for using as a lean manufacturing and quality management tool.

In brief, they are totally customisable and can be designed with almost any purpose in mind.


  • Effective, low-cost communication
  • Speedy communication
  • Versatile – can be used for scheduling, monitoring, shared projects or as group calendars, etc
  • Easy to use and maintain

What we do

  • Design, manufacture and install highly functional boards
  • Work with you to create the board that exactly fits your needs
  • Print on the board whatever is required


  • Variety of sizes and shapes, with custom finishing
  • Printing of grids, maps, lines, calendars, to-do lists, names of staff, etc

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Gareth Dunne - Operations Manager - Brakes Ireland


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