Get noticed around the clock with an illuminated sign

Illuminated signs make sure that you stand out at all times, day and night. While they’re most used externally, they can be used internally as well to great effect.

Over the last decade or so, illuminated signage has grown in popularity because of greater affordability and the advantage that illumination has over traditional forms of signage.

Visible in any weather conditions, they also offer the benefit of being seen from quite a distance day or night.


  • Stand out from the crowd and get the edge over your competition
  • Ensure visibility 24 hours a day – especially useful if you open late or want a form of advertising that never sleeps
  • Communicate your message more clearly – if you have a special offer or promotion, using an illuminated sign will make sure it gets noticed far more readily than a non-illuminated one
  • Professionalism - Show people that you take your marketing seriously and thus improve your credibility
  • Security - Extra illumination around your premises help to deter opportunistic thieves


What we do

  • Design illuminated signs that incorporate your designs and logos
  • Make signs in any size out of durable, weatherproof materials
  • Install them so they are properly affixed to your surface of choice


  • LED lighting, which uses less energy than traditional neon signage, is longer-lasting and has minimal impact on the environment
  • Custom-made lightboxes, in various shapes and sizes, internally lit with LEDs

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