Impress your customers with beautiful, effective wayfinding signs

Whatever the size of your premises – whether an office, a store or a multi-building campus –  directional or wayfinding signs get your clients and visitors to the right place.

Directional signage is functional – but it’s often one of the first interactions that your customers or visitors have with you. Signs that are poorly designed, printed or arranged reflect poorly on you, and may not even achieve their purpose.

One study showed that a small directional sign showing motorists how to enter a parking lot could lead to an increase in sales of between 4% and 12%.


  • Enhance the sense of arrival and place-making
  • Make it easy for your customers or visitors to find their way around – where to park, which entrance to use, how to get to various parts of your premises
  • Help to ensure the safety of employees and visitors
  • Keep vehicle or people traffic flowing with easy-to-read and highly visible signs
  • Ensure the smooth running of large companies, airports, hospitals, schools, exhibitions, conferences, festivals, etc
  • Extend your brand throughout your premises or event with innovative and striking designs

What we do

  • Work with you to create beautiful, durable weather-resistant directional signage that fits your needs exactly and blends with your branding
  • Manufacture the signage using high-quality printing
  • Ensure that positioning, size, lighting and, if appropriate, colour coding are just right so as to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Install the signage safely and securely


  • Wide range of materials, sizes and shapes

 We’ll help you design and install signage that will impress your customers and visitors. Give us a call today on 01 4016584.

First-class all the way

"Premier Signs were instrumental in ensuring our sites had effective signage that was positioned and displayed to get the very most out of all users who see them. From artwork to production to installation, they were first-class."

Gareth Dunne - Operations Manager - Brakes Ireland


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