Pop-up display systems – easy to assemble and attention-grabbing

Pop-up display systems are one of the best ways of creating eye-catching backdrops. And, since the portability of banners for stalls and events is as important as the graphics, Premier Signs provides pop-up displays with a sophisticated frame system. You can assemble the display within a few minutes.

Our pop-up systems are perfect for exhibitions, conferences and reception areas. They also brighten up office space. We can work with you to design a unique backdrop featuring your branding and promotional messages.


  • Eye-catching displays
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Ideal for exhibitions, reception areas and offices

 What we do

  • Offer a wide range of pop-up displays
  • Help clients to create a design from scratch, according to their promotional goals


  • Wide range of pop-up displays in various shapes and sizes
  • Variety of functionalities

To find out more about the pop-up banners we offer, have a look at our Display Solutions Handbook or give us a call at 01 4016584.

First-class all the way

"Premier Signs were instrumental in ensuring our sites had effective signage that was positioned and displayed to get the very most out of all users who see them. From artwork to production to installation, they were first-class."

Gareth Dunne - Operations Manager - Brakes Ireland


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