Contravision film, or one-way vision film, is a cost-effective way to secure privacy while communicating a promotional message. It’s a digitally printed type of window graphic most often used on vehicle windows but also fully applicable to building windows.

In brief, it’s a perforated vinyl film that allows you to see out but restricts vision in.

You can install it on large glass areas that can be used as advertising space, such as car showrooms and glass-panelled buildings.


  • Secure privacy while promoting a message
  • Obscure an unsightly area of your premises while using it as a large-scale advertising space
  • Quick to manufacture and fit, so perfect for temporarily obscuring part of a premises for an event or to coincide with a new sales promotion

What we do

  • Advise on the best solution
  • Design and fit contravision film
  • Digitally print the film in the form of a window graphic


  • For modular glass or windowed areas, different colours can be applied to different areas, for an eye-catching illustrated message

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