Give your customers a warm welcome with reception and directory signage!

When your customer walks in the door, the ultimate goal is to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. With reception and directory signs you can achieve just this and so much more! Reception signage can provide the welcome that a client deserves, while directory signs can let them know where they need to go to find their destination.

Welcome your guests into your building or office park with the information that they need up front, whether that be a map or a directory with office numbers on it. Reception and directory signs personalise your place of business and create a happy customer.

At Premier Signs, our goal is to help you create signage that makes your customers feel comfortable and welcomed. With plenty of experience, our staff and design teams will work closely with you to craft meaningful messages for your clients.

Signs are personalised for your company’s needs, and we have a wide variety of styles to begin building your unique signs from. Your reception and directory signs will be professionally installed by our experts, ensuring that they are both beautiful in your office space but meant to last.


If you have any doubts we can give you a call to help you.


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