Help your customers know about upcoming or current promotions at the point of sale.

Signage at the point of sale is an effective way to let a customer know of upcoming promotional deals. This information could entice them to come back to your store for the promotion, and they could even bring friends! Whether you want bigger signs or smaller holders for leaflets and business cards, signage at the point of sale is designed with the customer in mind.

With bright colours and lettering, you are sure to attract the attention of a customer before they leave. You can even include small leaflets or business cards that they can take away with them. These little pieces of information can be passed on to their friends and bring in an entirely new crowd!

At Premier Signs, we understand the mindset of both you and your customer. Our design team will work with you to deliver an attention-grabbing message in an impactful manner. We work individually with each client to create new and exciting pieces of signage for them.

If you choose to include larger signs that require installation, our experts will be there to help make sure that they are properly installed. Whether you have a short or long term promotion that you want to advertise, we will create the perfect product to fit your needs.

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Laura Cahill - Rothco


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