Draw attention to your business in areas of high traffic with a professionally installed Notice Board!

Notice boards have traditionally been used to convey information to the public in areas popular for pedestrians. They have historically had ornate wooden carvings and writing. Today’s noticeboards serve the same function, though their design can vary slightly.

Whether you choose to display information on one side or both, your notice board will help your company convey information across departments or to the public. Boards can be affixed to walls or in weather resistant containers to ensure that your messages are safe from the elements.

When you choose to buy a notice board from Premier Signs, you have the option to pick from a variety of sizes and materials. The trim can be designed to match the decor of your office or can be brightly colored to catch the attention of passersby. If put outside, they can be locked behind glass and illuminated to display the notices inside.

Our design and installation teams will work with your company to ensure that choose the right specifications and materials for your board.

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"We are extremely happy with Premier Signs’ work and professionalism from start to finish. They are a company that understood the high standards that we wanted to achieve and were most efficient in delivering, well within time limits."

Sinead Hayes - Marketing and Business Operations Manager - Xerox


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