When you need to get a quick message to your team or customers, a dry wipe or whiteboard works perfectly.

Dry wipe/whiteboards are easy to maintain and use. They are one of the best ways to leave short messages for your employees or employer. Popular in restaurants to remind servers what the specials of the night are, classrooms for students to write on, and offices to write the month’s schedule on, they are a highly versatile product.

They are also magnetic, so documents and papers can be attached! These boards are entirely customisable and can be designed with any purpose in mind. Many choose to have a grid printed on them to use as a calendar. With the use of coloured markers, these boards can be a space for your creative mind to flow!

No matter what you want your dry wipe/white board for, Premier Signs can help you create a highly functional piece for your office. Our design team will work with you to understand how your company will use this board and can create a beautifully printed item as a result.

We can print maps, grids, lines, calendars, or to-do lists on them if you wish, or even include the names of your staff if you wish, in several different sizes and shapes! Your board will hang proudly in your space, affixed to the wall by our expert installation team. It is guaranteed to last with proper care and attention!

First-class all the way

"Premier Signs were instrumental in ensuring our sites had effective signage that was positioned and displayed to get the very most out of all users who see them. From artwork to production to installation, they were first-class."

Gareth Dunne - Operations Manager - Brakes Ireland


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