Fascia signage utilises the open area on your storefront below the roof as a highly visible signage space.

The fascia is the open area on your storefront that is just below the roof. A popular area for many stores to proudly display their company name, fascia signs are one of the most beneficial advertising buys you can ever make. A fascia sign only helps your customers find your shop in a crowded area, but it can also distinguish you with a creative and colourful design.

Fascia signs are a welcoming sight for your customers and are often the first interaction that they have with your brand. A high-quality fascia sign can help draw customers in while a low-quality one can scare them away.

At Premier Signs we use only the best materials to ensure that your fascia sign is inviting and welcoming to the outside world. Our signs are weatherproof, and will not fade in the sun or wash away in the rain.

You’ll work closely with our expert designers to build a sign that will make you stand out from the crowded street but also remain on-brand. Your sign will be professionally installed by our installation specialists so you won’t have to worry about a poor job and unstable sign. With a Premier Signs fascia display, you will gain brand recognition and a dedicated customer base!



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