Monolith signs are freestanding structures that are a creative signage solution.

With the option to be made from a variety of materials, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to monolith signs. Entirely customisable, monoliths are a type of external signage that can be used to creatively display your business name and logo. Monoliths can be designed in many different shapes and forms: big or small, tall or wide, even flat or curved! We can make monoliths as large as you require, so it is possible to fit multiple businesses onto the same monolith face.

Monoliths can also be branded on both sides so that traffic from each direction can see your company’s name. Monoliths can even be illuminated if you so desire

Monoliths that come from Premier Signs are of the highest caliber possible. We have a wide variety of materials to build your monolith from and can even create colourful designs in the fixture! Our expert design team has a thorough knowledge of the qualities of monoliths and can work with your teams to create a beautiful piece that showcases your company name.

We can even commission the work of outside artists if you wish. Our specialized and knowledgeable installation team will ensure that your piece is firmly planted in the ground. At Premier Signs, we are monolith experts and you can rest assured that we will create a beautiful and impactful piece for you!



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