Get noticed during the day and night with an illuminated sign from Premier Signs!

Illuminated Signs are the ultimate signage solution: they make sure that you stand out at all times so you never miss an advertising opportunity! Illuminated signs come in a variety of options, but they all achieve the same goal of making your business visible in low or no light.

Illuminated signage can be used internally and externally and fully comply with all health, environmental, and safety regulations. Whatever style you choose, whether a light box or internally illuminated, you can leave them on both day and night.

Premier Signs offer a wide range of options for illuminated signs, and our installation and design teams will work with you to understand what is possible for your business. We work together with you to incorporate your company designs and logos with the materials of your sign, then we professionally install them so they are properly affixed to your surface of choice.

We can make signs in any size out of durable materials that are weatherproof. At Premier Signs, we guarantee a product that will attract customers at all hours of the day!

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"Brilliant service & great prices! Keith was really helpful and accommodating."

Laura Cahill - Rothco


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