Whether you have a high footfall or a multiple-building campus, directional signs help visitors to navigate your premises.

If your business location is confusing, directional signs can be the difference between a happy customer walking through the door or a grumpy one. Help your customers find their way from the road straight to your door with directional signs!

These signs, which indicate where someone needs to go, can relieve your client’s headache of trying to understand where they need to go. Directional signs can reduce the number of traffic accidents that occur in your parking lots, reduce congestion, and create a clear flow of movement. Our signs can be as big or as small as you need depending on your intent for them and can be customised to your business.

At Premier Signs, we can help you help your clients! Whether you need to help cars find their intended route, point patients to the correct doctor’s office, or guide visitors to the bathroom, we can create a variety of directional signs that will help people find their own path in your facility.

From hotels to office buildings, our signs are being used by thousands as a compass rose. Our professional design team will work with you to create a beautiful sign that fit’s your aesthetic, and our expert installation team will ensure that they are properly mounted to a wall or outside. We use high-quality printing technologies to ensure that they are durable and weather resistant.



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