Looking for added privacy, but don’t want to cloud your view?

Getting a One-way Vision Film installed is a cost-effective solution to ensure the privacy of restricted areas whilst also communicating a message of your choice. The One-way vision film is a perforated vinyl sheet which allows you to see out but restricts vision in.

One way vision film can be manufactured and fitted very quickly which means it can be the perfect solution when you need to temporarily obscure an area of your premises for an event or to coincide with new sales promotion.

Here at Premier Signs, our One-way Vision Film is a digitally printed in the form of a window graphic.

Whether you require this solution for the windows on your vehicles or buildings, we will work out what solution is best suited to your needs.

Our designers will take into consideration several details when designing your One-way film, for example, modular glass or windowed areas can be taken into account when designing graphics for one way vision film with designers using different areas of an installation with different colours to provide an effective illustrated message catching the eye of passers-by.

You will be fully supported throughout the entire process to ensure that you are pleased with the final result.

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Laura Cahill - Rothco


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