Brand your company cars to reach a wide audience at low cost

In Heavy traffic area such as Dublin, vehicles can be viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers per hour. You will have noticed many vehicles with graphics on your own journeys, doubtless some will have caught your attention more than others and that will be either due to the eye catching style of the graphics or to your interest in the services being offered.

Car graphics are an essential way to let your customers know who you are and what you do, and with motoring costs so expensive, why not try to recoup some of the cost by promoting your business on the way. Sign-writing cars driven by your salespeople are without doubt a must to promote your business.

Many companies are concerned that such graphics, when poorly done can make the vehicle look cheap or that they may damage the existing paintwork therefore reducing the future value.

At Premier Signs our designers know how to get the best from every situation, whether it be a subtle logo on the rear windscreen or a full wrap. We only use the best quality materials in all cases, which will not fade, lift, or cause any damage on removal. Call us now to see how quickly, easily and cost effectively your vehicles can become one of your most efficient marketing tools.

The 6 main reasons to 'Brand' your vehicles:

1) Grab attention: Eye-catching colours and great graphics will make your company vehicles stand out and attract attention.

2) Advertise in a positive, effective way: People respond better to advertising that is not ‘in their face’. They will actually enjoy looking at your vehicle graphics and thus feel positive towards your company.

3) Reach a wide audience: With your mobile advertising, you will reach a wider audience than with almost any other form of advertising. Many businesses attract more customers with vehicle wraps than through their websites.

4) Promote your business cost-effectively: You pay much less for vehicle graphics than for other long-term advertising campaigns, and generate results for years. And, compared with advertising and billboards that entail recurring costs, you can change your vehicle wrap as you wish at a very low cost.

5) Precision-target your local market: Vehicle advertising is finely targeted since those most likely to see it live or work in the areas you cover – and businesses generally prefer to deal with other local businesses.

6) Protect your vehicles: Vinyl wraps will protect your vehicles against scratches and small dents, which will get you a better deal when you trade them in or sell them.

Whether you need graphics for a company car or for your entire fleet, our Premier Signs team will assess your needs and create bespoke graphics that will promote your business in the best possible way.

If you’ve got any questions, just give us a call at 01 401 6584 or tell us what you want on our contact form.

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